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Our dental procedures can keep your family in excellent oral health, restore damaged teeth and transform their smiles into something truly beautiful. At Pediatric Dental Arts, we understand that each of our patients' smiles is unique. As such, Dr. Raffa, meets with each patient to discuss their health concerns and goals prior to recommending any specific dental procedures. If you live in Watertown, we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling (617) 924-1911. During your child's examination, we can look for any signs of infection, discuss what dislike about your child's smile, and determine the best way to proceed.

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In the past, dental work was rather rudimentary without very many options for treating or restoring teeth. Fortunately, technology has revolutionized dentistry and there are now a variety of options for treating all types of oral health concerns. Gone are the days where teeth were pulled on a regular basis. Now, the majority of damaged or infected teeth can be saved if we treat them early enough. Simultaneously, if teeth do fall out, there are a variety of procedures for replacing them that go well beyond basic dental procedures.

If your child had previous dental work done in the past and is not satisfied with the results, schedule an appointment with Pediatric Dental Arts. Our dental procedures use the latest in dental technology, allowing us to improve the appearance and functionality of former restorations. For example, we can replace old metal fillings or crowns with tooth-colored ones to create a more natural appearance. We can also treat teeth that had a bonding procedure in the past, if the material is now looking old and dated.

Dr. Raffa, has experience working in restorative dentistry and makes each restoration blend in with the surrounding teeth. Whether replacing an old crown or fixing a tooth that has recently been cracked or chipped, the tooth will look fantastic once done. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the difference between the natural teeth and the restored one. There are various types of dental work that can be used to accomplish this goal, including bonding and dental crowns. Those that want to have a tooth replaced may benefit from dental bonding instead. Regardless of what procedure is necessary, we will ensure that it is completed to perfection.

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At Pediatric Dental Arts, we also work to ensure that patients remain comfortable and relaxed while having dental work done. We can offer several types of sedation to make this a possibility. We understand that children may have concerns over getting their teeth worked on and at times, simply need to relax. Whether your child does so through sedation or friendly conversation, we are here to help. With more intensive procedures, we will ensure that your child does not feel any discomfort along the way. If you live in or around the Watertown area, you can count on us to complete dental procedures in a way that looks amazing and restores the functionality of your child's teeth; all while keeping your child comfortable. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Watertown dentist office, call 617-924-1911.

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