Watertown Baby Root Canal Treatment

Baby Root Canal TreatmentWatertown, MA

Contrary to popular belief, baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. In fact, if baby teeth sustain damage, they can cause changes in the way adult teeth emerge. A baby root canal can preserve the structure of the tooth while removing the infected portion inside the tooth to relieve pain and prevent the infection from spreading further.

Baby root canal treatment is offered at Pediatric Dental Arts in Watertown, MA and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible while treating the infection. Even though people may hear about tooth extractions, those are more of a last resort option. Baby root canal treatment may be the treatment your child needs.

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Understanding Baby Root Canal Treatment

One fact of the teeth that people may not realize is that teeth have layers. The outer shell that people see is the enamel. This protects the inner layers of the tooth, including the dentin. The dentin is the second layer of the tooth and houses the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the inner-most layer, containing nerves and blood vessels.

When the dentin of a tooth becomes infected, the patient will begin to experience varying degrees of pain. Fortunately, we can help to relieve the pain by removing the infected portion of the tooth and leaving as much of the natural tooth as possible. Benefits of a baby root canal treatment, also known as a pulpotomy, for a child can include:

  • Preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible
  • Preventing the need for extraction
  • Not allowing surrounding teeth to shift into the empty socket
  • Not having an infection interfere with speech and chewing development
  • Relieve the pain from the infected portion of the tooth
  • Preventing the infection from spreading any further
  • The Treatment Process

    Also known as a pulpotomy, a baby root canal will involve removing the infected portion of the tooth during an in-office procedure. We will use local anesthesia to numb the tooth completely. We will use a tool that is similar to a rubber dam, blocking the specific tooth from all other teeth. We can review various anesthesia options with the parents/guardians during an initial consultation.

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    Following the Treatment

    After the procedure, we will go over any dietary restrictions the parents/guardians may need to know. Once the infected portion is removed, the patient should no longer feel the same pain as before. The child may feel some soreness that will go away a few days after the procedure. If there are any concerns following the treatment, parents/guardians need to call us right away.

    While a baby root canal treatment is an effective option for infection, there are also other methods for preventing an infection from forming in the first place. As a pediatric dentist, we can help children maintain healthy teeth with regular dental checkups. By doing this, it is possible to eliminate early signs of infection before they begin to spread. Call us at 617-924-1911 and schedule an appointment with Pediatric Dental Arts today.

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