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No matter how much parents/guardians take the necessary precautions, there is always the chance for an accident to result in a dental emergency. In these situations, it is crucial to seek prompt treatment. A pediatric dentist focuses on treating the oral health of patients from the first tooth emerging through adolescence. Pediatric dentistry services are offered at Pediatric Dental Arts in Watertown, MA and the surrounding area. No parent/guardian enjoys seeing their kids deal with pain, which is why a visit to a pediatric dentist may be necessary in the case of an emergency. Fortunately, our team at Pediatric Dental Arts can help treat emergency dental issues in children.

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Benefits of Choosing the Emergency Pediatric Dentist

When faced with an emergency, immediate care is necessary to restore the child’s comfort. Here are reasons to choose the emergency pediatric dentist over a regular dentist:

  • We can provide emergency care while keeping the child as comfortable as possible
  • We have multiple methods to save the tooth
  • We can reduce the risk of complications
  • We can help to promote a faster recovery

  • If a child experiences a dental emergency, it is crucial to get treatment promptly. Delaying dental care can cause undesirable complications that require invasive procedures. As an emergency pediatric dentist, we will care for the child and keep them comfortable.

    Knowing that many children deal with dental anxiety, one of the goals will be to make the child feel safe throughout the treatment. With a more comfortable and welcoming environment, we can help children to ease into the procedure.

    Emergency Pediatric Services

    As an emergency pediatric dentist, we provide services directed at relieving a child’s oral discomfort as soon as possible. The services may include repairing structural damage to the teeth or correcting other dental issues. We can also offer restorations and pain management options, if necessary. These services include:

  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Emergency repair of chipped, fractured or avulsed teeth
  • Repair of broken tooth filling
  • An effective solution to dental pain, especially toothaches
  • Treatment for oral infections
  • Pain caused by orthodontic devices
  • A solution to wisdom teeth pain
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    When is an Emergency Pediatric Dentist Required?

    There are certain signs of a pediatric dental emergency. If a child experiences any of the following, contact us immediately.

    Broken or Fractured Teeth

    Broken or fractured teeth are common injuries children experience when engaging in sports or similar activities. If this happens, parents/ guardians should collect all the broken pieces of the tooth if they can. Dental wax can be used on the broken edges of the tooth to minimize the risk of hurting the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

    Knocked-out tooth

    If a child has their teeth knocked out, they should be taken to the emergency pediatric dentist immediately. For older children, the permanent tooth should be re-implanted back into its socket after cleaning with water. Please call our office in the event of a dental emergency so we can evaluate and provide appropriate treatment for your child.

    Severe tooth pain

    If a child suddenly starts complaining of tooth pain, then it is essential to visit us before the pain gets worse. Sometimes the pain may be accompanied by pressure or pain in the ears. No matter the cause, we can determine the necessary treatment to help ease the pain and maintain the child's health.

    Tooth Sensitivity

    Children also experience tooth sensitivity like adults. However, the responsible factors are different. Toddlers and young children may suffer discomfort in their primary teeth, while older kids may suffer teeth sensitivity because of an injury or decay.

    Dental Decay (Cavities)

    Both primary and permanent teeth can be effected by tooth decay. If the child is suffering from sensitivity or tooth pain, the dentist may need to examine their dentition for cavities and treat accordingly.

    Tooth Abscess

    An abscessed tooth occurs when a painful infection occurs in the root of the tooth. An abscess may cause swelling of the gums, discomfort and sometimes fever. We need to check and treat the infection immediately because it could spread quickly to other parts of the body if neglected.

    Broken or Loose fillings

    Children who have had tooth fillings may suffer damage due to trauma or unhealthy dental habits. If this happens, they must be taken to an emergency pediatric dentist to restore the filling.

    Worn Tooth Enamel

    Enamel wear often causes tooth sensitivity and is usually caused by harmful oral habits such as teeth grinding and nail-biting. The dentist will offer solutions to strengthen the child’s enamel and alleviate pain.

    When to Visit the Emergency Room

    Some dental emergencies need more intensive care that may not be available in a pediatric dentist’s emergency office. If your child’s injury includes any trauma or more significant bodily injuries, please take your child to the emergency room.

    Don’t Wait, Call Us Today

    When you visit us, we will ask questions and examine the child’s oral cavity to determine the extent of the situation and how to proceed with dental care. Rest assured, the child’s health and comfort are the utmost priority at Pediatric Dental Arts. If a dental emergency happens, ensure you call us immediately to prevent complications.