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When Is a Tooth Extraction NecessaryWatertown, MA

As a pediatric dentist in Watertown, MA, we are regularly asked, "When is a tooth extraction necessary?" We do not extract a tooth unless absolutely necessary. In fact, if your child damages a tooth, our preferred method of treatment would be to restore the tooth.

At Pediatric Dental Arts, we offer tooth extractions to patients, when necessary. We will start by examining the child's teeth and determine the source of the pain. If the tooth causing pain is beyond repair, then a tooth extraction may be needed.

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Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Here are a few of the possible causes for a tooth extraction.

Your Child was in an Accident

As a pediatric dentist, we treat many patients who have gotten into an accident and need to have immediate dental work completed. In some cases, dental damage is only part of the problem and quick solutions are necessary. If possible, we will restore the tooth using dental bonding.

If the problem is urgent, a tooth extraction may be necessary. If your child does need immediate dental treatment, call us at 617-924-1911 to schedule an appointment.

An Infection has Spread

If your child has a bad dental infection, visit our dental office in Watertown. If the level of pain is so severe that the tooth hurts when biting down, chewing or even just going through daily activities, then the infection is serious and needs immediate treatment. As a pediatric dentist, we recommend coming in at the first sign of a toothache so that we can prevent the infection from getting worse.

If the infection is passed a certain point, then a tooth extraction may be the only option. While not ideal, we can eliminate the source of the pain, prescribe antibiotics and then go over replacement options for the tooth.

Permanent Tooth Growing Behind the Baby Tooth

This is referred to as ectopic eruption, meaning that the tooth is growing in the wrong place. Sometimes the baby tooth will need to be extracted to help guide the permanent tooth into the correct position. Please call our office for an evaluation to determine if an extraction is necessary.

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Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth are Impacted.

One of the most common reasons parents ask, "When is a tooth extraction necessary?" is because their child is developing wisdom teeth. At Pediatric Dental Arts, we do not always extract wisdom teeth. If there is enough room in the mouth for this third set of molars and they are growing in straight, they may be able to remain in the mouth.

However, it does not work this way for most people. In fact, it is more common for our patients to visit our dental practice complaining that their wisdom teeth hurt. The pain can occur when the wisdom teeth grow in impacted. As they grow in impacted or sideways, space will be created for food to become trapped. In fact, this area often becomes infected. In this way, wisdom teeth can pose a health risk.

If your child needs their wisdom teeth extracted, we will evaluate and refer them to an oral surgeon.

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To find out if your child needs a tooth extraction, call (617) 924-1911 and schedule an appointment with Pediatric Dental Arts. As a pediatric dentist in Watertown, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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